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Coach Carrie 

"Professionally and personally, Impact has been incredibly life-changing for me.  Since it opened in 2010 it has transformed me into the coach and person I am today. The support and guidance I have received from Rey and the entire Impact family have been invaluable.  I am incredibly grateful for Rey and the culture he has built within the club, and I can say with certainty that I would not be where I am today without them.  Impact takes a family first approach and prioritizes the person over the player.  At the end of the day we work to make the club volleyball a transformational experience for our athletes.  With the building of Impact 2.0 we will be able to reach even more athletes and enhance the experience for all.  When we talk about the Impact Family, it is a true testament about the positive relationships, community, and sense of belonging this club prioritizes in creating.  Impact is such a blessing to myself and countless others that walk through the doors." 
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