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Travel Teams 2023
14u & 18u Premier Team
Impact 2.0


Click the link below to learn more about our Summer Schedule. 

Impact will be offering; camps, clinics, trainings, 4vs4, youth development, league and MORE.


Our NEW FACILITY is now open for Youth Volleyball and Indoor Pickleball in Hudsonville. All of our Volleyball and Pickleball activities are taking place at this location. 

ADDRESS: 2830 Port Sheldon ST, Hudsonville, MI, 49426 

18U Premier  |  Campbell

"Impact will always have a special place with us. It was a place that allowed our daughter a chance to grow both as an athlete and a person. We got the chance to meet so many wonderful families too. The building housed a group of people so special and dear to our hearts. The building may be new and exciting, but the best part is what is inside that building. The coaching staff at Impact is something special. These people are dedicated to teaching not only volleyball to kids, but life lessons like discipline, respect for others and hard work. These are traits that they will take with them forever. It helped prepare our daughter for her future. She graduates this spring and her volleyball time will come to an end soon, but we will always be grateful we found Impact Dynamic and the connections with people we made along the way. Thank you for all you do each day! Go Impact ❤️"

18U Premier  |  Barendsen

"If your daughter is interested in not just knowing how to play volleyball, but has the desire to learn the technical and mental skills necessary to excel at the game, then I can’t recommend Impact Dynamic enough! It’s the only club I know of where the ENTIRE coaching staff is invested in helping all Impact players grow as people and athletes. This place is truly like family!  
The overall confidence my daughters have gained from following the Impact Dynamic training process has been incredible. They know what it’s like to push themselves, to make mistakes, to learn and grow, and to be accepted through it all - which are such important life skills. They have also learned the skills needed to play volleyball competitively at the high school and collegiate levels. And the amenities offered in the new facility will only continue to help them grow. 
We love our Impact Family ❤️"

18U Regional  |  Parm

"The new Impact building is absolutely amazing as it allows others (outside of the volleyball community) to witness what it’s truly like to be part of the Impact family. While the building is a long awaited improvement for the Club, what it doesn’t do is change the culture we love and appreciate at Impact. My girls feel welcome, accepted and like the coaches and club director really care about how they grow as human beings as well as athletes. The focus on growth and improvement allows the kids to be themselves and removes the pressure and/or anxiety that often times comes along with trying something new!"

Pickleball  |  Peeples

 "I joined Impact Pickleball Club in March 2023 shortly after they opened.
I signed up for the yearly plan, because Not only is it close to my home, and the prices are great, but the staff is very friendly, yet professional and accommodating. Also, the facility is very nice,  it's brand new. The Pickleball players here are very welcoming, and friendly too. 
Impact has started some Pickleball Training Classes, which I really need! I am really happy at Impact! Don't hesitate to come on in, and check out the nice facility, prices, and classes 
I think you will like it."
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